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UK Visitor/Tourist Visa

The standard visitor visa allows people to enter the UK for several reasons including travel, tourism, and leisure purposes; short term business appointments, academic conferences, participating in sporting events or creative/artistic work, and receiving private medical treatment.

Generally, this visa is issued for 6 months. However, candidate might be able to stay for longer if:

  • He/she coming to the UK for private medical treatment – up to 11 months
  • He/she is an academic on sabbatical and coming to the UK for research – up to 12 months

Those who need to visit the UK regularly over a longer period; can apply for a long-term Standard Visitor visa that lasts 2, 5 or 10 years. However, they can stay for a maximum of 6 months on each visit.

Eligibility criteria

In order to obtain standard visitor visa, candidates must demonstrate that:

  • they will leave the UK at the end of their visit
  • able to support themselves and any dependents for the duration of their trip
  • able to pay for their return or onward journey and any other costs relating to their visit
  • they have proof of any business or other activities they want to do in the UK, as allowed by the Visitor Rules

Candidates applying for a long-term Standard Visitor visa must prove that:

  • they will only ever need to come to the UK to visit, for example to go on holiday, see family or attend a meeting
  • they plan to leave the UK at the end of each visit

Processing time: 3 weeks (varies from case to case)