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Student Visa

Due to globalization, studying abroad started gaining great momentum as the internationalization of higher education increased dramatically. With the swift rise of international education, more and more students want to pursue their higher education in top-notch universities/ colleges overseas.

However, selecting and ensuring to follow the right career has become increasingly difficult in the changing times. At Visafy, we provide you with an immense range of special, high quality of educational universities/colleges all over the globe and great opportunities of professional career.

We offer student visa aspirants a hassle-free process that helps them selecting, applying and procuring admission to Colleges / Universities in top study destinations like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, US, UK, and Europe. Association with pre-requisites of admission process and other formalities is the most important concern at our point. With an extensive association with more than 200 reputed Universities and Educational Institutions abroad, we at Visafy are well equipped to help you while selecting the most appropriate educational option and the preferred country.

Canada Student Visa

Canada has evolved into one of the world’s top education destination for students aspiring for quality education abroad. A degree/diploma acquired from Canadian universities/colleges is recognized globally and is valued highly in the international job market. Despite all this, the tuition fees in Canadian College/University are among the lowest in the English speaking world.Students can choose anything from one-year certificate …

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Australia Student Visa

Australia is one of the most popular study destinations with international students from across the globe. A perfect blend of contemporary cities, majestic landscapes and a well-acknowledged education system, Australia is among world’s leading countries to live and pursue tertiary studies in.Dream Care Management and Immigration Consultancy Services Private Ltd. is a one-stop education center for students wishing….

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New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand has emerged as one of the most sought-after education destinations for international students. With excellent study opportunities and world-class education, it attracts thousands of international students from around the world every year. After you complete your study in Recognized Basic New Zealand Qualification, you can obtain one year Work Permit. After working for one year, you will be eligible to…

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USA Student Visa

With over 4000 universities across the country, USA continues to be the top choice for students aspiring to study overseas. US Universities, Colleges and Schools offer international students a range of exciting, rewarding and comprehensive study options in the world.Studying in US provides an ideal environment for international students in the form of flexible methods of education and continuous development process in a variety of fields of studies….

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UK Student Visa

The UK has always been and continues to be, one of the most sought after destinations for higher studies for students from across the world including India. Outstanding teaching facilities and state-of-the-art education system that is highly acceptable by the global economies make you one of the best study abroad destinations.

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Europe Student Visa

Europe offers one of the oldest and most popular education systems in the world. Various European countries offer a multitude of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees in a variety of fields & programs

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