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Visafy Immigration Services

Visafy strongly focused on getting clients to their dream country in the shortest possible time through variety of avenues. We are totally committed to providing our esteemed clients a skilled approach to problem solving. Visafy offers all types of Immigration services to its clients who want to visit, study, work or immigrate to Canada, Australia , New Zealand, UK, USA & Europe.

  • Free Consultation

Visafy offers free consultation to individuals who are looking to find the best immigration pathway before making a final decision. Our free consultation service allows our prospective clients to contact us and understand what immigration services we can offer them. This also offers applicants an opportunity to learn about their immigration options and know how Visafy can help them.

Immigration Consultants at Visafy have a profound knowledge of the visa application processes in different countries, who review the applicant’s qualifications, and advise him/her as to what must be done to maximize his/her eligibility and ranking for immigration to his desired country.

Consulting our immigration experts will enable you to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the immigration process. You can raise your all immigration related queries to our consultants to eliminate all your concerns and get a clear picture of the entire scenario lying ahead of you.

  • Technical Assessment

Every country has their own pre-defined eligibility criteria when it comes to different immigration programs. Most of these programs evaluate applicant’s eligibility based on their  age, education, work experience and proficiency in English language, among others.

Visafy helps clients make an informed decision about immigrating overseas with our technical Eligibility assessment process. With a technical assessment, Visafy assesses applicants’ profile against the prevailing visa norms and provides them with an in-depth report on their eligibility and chances of success.

A technical evaluation of your profile will also let you recognize any areas that could be worked upon with the help of professional services.

  • Documentation & Application Processing

Visafy ensures that your immigration visa documentation process is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our experts carefully examine every requirement related to your visa documentation. Beginning from the filling of the submission for visa form to collecting the essential supporting documents and preparing and submitting the application visa forms, Visafy is here to assist you at each and every step of your documentation and application process.

Our expert global immigration professionals at the Visafy thoroughly examine the visa petition forms and accompanying documents for you, to remove any errors, before forwarding these to the concerned immigration establishments. After collecting all the required documents, we present your case to the concerned immigration authorities for the purpose of processing & decision.

  • Client Assistance

After submitting your visa application to the concerned authorities, we keep a regular and sound track of your application with the Immigration Authorities. We will keep you updated with your application proceedings through regular notifications to avoid unnecessary delays in the processing of your application.

  • Pre & Post Landing Services

Moving to a new country can be quite a daunting process as it involves a lot of preparations. However, we, at Visafy take care of your all immigration related needs through our comprehensive and customized settlement and placement services to help you settle in your dream country.

Pre-Landing Immigration Services

Through our pre-landing immigration services, we offer clients…

    • assistance in assessment/ evaluation of their qualification from the professional bodies and/or educational institutions in the destination country
    • advise on immigration laws in force and any subsequent changes thereof and advising on any subsequent conditions applicable to meet the selection criteria
    • professional Guidance on their intended occupation in the country of immigration
    • basic information about the destination country

Post-Landing Services

      • Visafy offers clients Information about licensing or professional registration requirements, list of potential employers, exams to be taken in order to obtain a license and registration in any of these countries and effective job search techniques, professional licensing and registrations, preparation of licensing exams are also provided by our experts.
      • After landing abroad, we offer clients help in
      1. their airport pickup
      2. finding subsidized rooms at Welcome Homes against charges;
      3. opening a Bank Account;
      4. obtaining Credit Card, Driving License or any other Government Card;
      5. finding education institutes for children; and
      6. getting insurance and many other services.